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Things to Do in Boston, MA This Weekend with your HeyGroup Friends

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

museum of fine arts. Boston, ma

1. Go to the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA)

Using HeyGroup, sync the event to your calendar so you are not late. No one wants their friends to start roaming around a giant maze of a museum without them. Do not forget to take pictures of your favorite artwork and send them into the HeyGroup MFA event chat so you and your friends can share these memories forever.

Fenway Park. Boston Red Sox

2. Go to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park

Enjoy a hot dog (or two) and watch your favorite team in action. Send a poll into HeyGroup's Red Sox event chat to vote on what you think the final score of the game will be. Either way, the Red Sox will be winning, it just depends on by how much?

Boston North End. Italian Food

3. Go to the North End for dinner

Sample the food of Boston's yummiest neighborhood. There is nothing better than fresh pasta for dinner and a cannoli for dessert. And after you are done dinner, use HeyGroup's expense manager to split the dinner bill to avoid awkwardly asking your friends to pay you back. Automatic reminders let your friends know how much they owe you.


4. Shop (and eat) your way down Newbury Street in Back Bay

There are almost too many shops and restaurants to choose from when it comes to a nice journey down Newbury Street in Boston's iconic Back Bay neighborhood. Pro tip: Go on Sunday to take advantage of when the street is closed to all vehicles. Walkers, this is your time to shine. Not wanting the fun to end? Suggest a stroll through the Public Gardens afterwards in your HeyGroup shopping event chat.

Boston Public Garden. Flowers

5. Stroll around Boston Public Garden

There is no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon with your HeyGroup in Boston than with back-to-back shopping, eating, and walking down Newbury Street and into the Public Garden at the end. Let your friends know you will be there for both events through HeyGroup's availability manager.

Boston esplanade and cityscape

6. Canoe or kayak down the Charles River

Or hop on a Duck Tour. Whatever floats your boat! Send a poll into HeyGroup's river event chat to vote on how your day on the water will pan out. No matter what, there is no wrong choice.

Plan a weekend full of fun things to do in Boston with your friends when you download HeyGroup today on the App Store!


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