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New Feature Alert: RSVP via SMS!


HeyGroup, the nuber-one management app for active groups, has just rolled out an exciting new feature – RSVP via SMS. Now, organizing events, practices, and team outings is a breeze. Instead of relying solely on the HeyGroup app, users can send out event links via SMS and effortlessly collect RSVPs from their teammates.

How it Works

  1. Send Event Links via SMS: Creating events has never been easier. Simply use HeyGroup to schedule an event, generate a share link, send it with your teammates via SMS, and watch the RSVPs roll in. It's a quick and straightforward process that eliminates the hassle of having to onboard your team into the app.

  2. Collect RSVPs Effortlessly: The days of struggling to get timely RSVPs within the HeyGroup app are over. With RSVP via SMS, only the event creator needs to have the HeyGroup app, while participants can conveniently send their availability through text messages. This streamlines the RSVP process, ensuring that event organizers can focus on the game rather than chasing responses.

When to Use

  • Struggling to Get RSVPs in HeyGroup? If you've been facing challenges in getting your team to RSVP within the HeyGroup app, worry no more. With RSVP via SMS, the process becomes seamless, allowing you to concentrate on the game itself.

  • RSVP to Practices and Matches Outside the HeyGroup App: Not every team member may be keen on downloading yet another app. HeyGroup's SMS feature lets everyone participate without the need for extensive app adoption. Send out event links via SMS for practices, matches, or any team-related activity.

  • Create Personal Events: Planning a team outing or a friend-group party? HeyGroup's new feature lets you create personal events and invite anyone, even those not using the app. It's a fantastic way to foster team camaraderie beyond the confines of scheduled practices and matches.

HeyGroup's RSVP via SMS feature is a game-changer for active groups. Whether you're struggling with RSVPs, planning personal events, or onboarding new team members, this innovative addition ensures that coordination is easier and more efficient than ever. Try it out for your next practice, event, or team outing, and experience the seamless integration of technology into the world of club sports!


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