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HeyGroup Release 8.21

All you need to know about the latest release of HeyGroup

Release details


  • New feature to send an SMS to members that have not yet responded to an event invite.

  • When inviting people from your contacts, a dynamic list is shown so that you can keep track of who you have selected.

  • New waitlist feature available for events with a maximum limit. Users can add themselves to the waitlist, when the event is full, and they will be automatically added to the event when there is availability. Users will be added based on the order in which they were added to the waitlist.

  • New feature to add an event to your calendar. This is already available when responding to an event but, if you forgot or need to update the event, this features allows you to add to your calendar directly.


  • Design changes when URL's are posted in chat - slicker and neater than before

  • Click on event chat header to go directly to the event, or the menu option to see chat settings.

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